The Third Eye

Tony adamowicz Perez, noted playwright and my Drama teacher is actually a psychic guru!

Perez assents, “Everybody is gifted using a third eye because everybody has psychic abilities, albeit in numerous in different degrees of development. If that were not true, we would end up being incapable of recollection, of remembrance, of memory, of foresight, and of imagination. ”

Perez says the third eye is an excellent term that refers to one’s psychic vision or faith based insight. It is typically depicted in visual art as being located in the middle of one’s forehead. “While this is graphically beneficial, it is also misleading because true inner vision is always from within – whether in one’s mind or in the center, ” he says.

It is all a matter of switching around the power to see. Turning on the third eye helps people see spirits and read people. With it we can return back into the past and see things in the future. We may also understand dreams, visions and understand a message from a friend, an in depth relative or even from a person we do not know.

The third attention is activated when scanning a person, an entity, a spot an object, an artwork, a piece of writing, a memory, a dream, or a feeling in order to gain additional information or understanding. The information obtained is usually visual in nature.

There are many easy-to-do exercises to open the 3rd eye activator. In Latin America, for instance, it is said that will St. Martin de Porres is the patron saint regarding psychic vision, and that lighting 10 black candles within the honor will open one’s third eye.

Every Tarot deck has at least one card which, when contemplated, can easily encourage the activation of psychic vision. All we must do it sift through the deck and intuitively identify which usually card it is. It will not be the same for all decks and then for all persons.

Sleeping with an amethyst tumblestone on their person or under one’s pillow is also believed to result the opening of the third eye, not to mention promote legendary dreaming. Also, associating with or being in the company of men and women with strong psychic vision can usually amplify one’s very own.