Student Traveling: TOP 5 Reasons Why Start Packing Right Now!




How old are you? So, you are student age and ready to meet adventures. Really, there is no better time to travel abroad than right now! Why not? You are fearless, active and ready to work or study abroad. Of course, to study and work abroad you need to take a serious decision. But for now, you can try traveling. It is interesting to travel, no matter how old you are.You are a highschool student or college student, you have a unique opportunity to explore the world and take adventures. Making traveling your life style, you can learn a lot. Though, Avis at Lisbon Airport kindly welcomes you to make an interesting proposal about transportation. Teens driving is popular here!

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Why Portugal?

It’s simple! Of course, you may start your traveling from the country you like the most. But don’t forget to visit Portugal one day.

  1. The sunniest place

Didn’t you know that? Lisbon is the sunniest city-capital. It can be compared only with Athens that can boast 2,772 hours of sun a year.

  1. Beaches

Lisbon is city of beaches. It takes you half an hour driving from the city center to surrounding coast.

  1. Adventures

Welcome to Sintra. You can meet the legendary hill town to the west of Lisbon. The place is really magic and viewy. The gardens, deep woods and valleys are around. You cannot find better place for hiking.



Why Travel Abroad is Good for Students?

New surrounding

Surely, you live in your bright and comfortable world. Your family is your natural surrounding that takes care of you. Of course, it is rather pleasant to live in such a way, but it cannot last forever. You are growing up! Why don’t you taste some freedom? That’s why the most of activities, parties, friendly hangouts, even challenges make you feel free, taking you out of your comfort life. New surrounding is always scaring and uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid. You will face many different situations in your adult life that scare you the most. But living abroad makes you smarter and more communicative.




You may think that traveling to a foreign country, far from your close people is difficult. From the other hand, this is a nice opportunity to get the experience of living abroad. Sure enough, the way of living abroad may differ from your usual surrounding. Just believe that you can do everything, even in a new country. Traveling with friends you may help each other and succeed. You shouldn’t forget that student age welcomes chellenges, but never run from them.

Learn new culture

Learning culture means much. Moving to another country for study or just for traveling, you must be ready to be a part of a new society. New culture often explains people values, behavior. It’s like siesta in Spain or shop open hours on weekend. You can do nothing with it, just adapt for new rules that are offered to you. Culture also includes eating traditions. You can hardly find American sandwiches in Portugal. But you definitely can try to eat something new and interesting. Why do you need that? Learning new culture is very important skill to know where people around are coming from. It is called cultural sensitivity in modern business.

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Learn languages

Trying to be skilled in one or another language, there is nothing better than learning it from natives. It is said that speaking two or even three languages is a usual practice in Europe. What about you? Don’t you think this is a good chance to improve your speaking skill? This is the first reason why traveling, especially student traveling, is useful. What is more, you should think how many advantages you’ll have speaking different languages. There is no any other FAST and EFFECTIVE way to learn language than living in the country this language came from. So, take your chance.


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Connections and opportunities

Student traveling to foreign countries can be also a good opportunity to make more valuable connections. Thus, if you want to work in Portugal after graduation, you have a chance to study here or at least find interesting people, communities, organizations to help you in future. Networking can help. What is more, you can easily do that, as the most of foreigners are friendly and helpful. Again, having friends abroad, you have a chance to come to visit this country again next year or go somewhere elsetogether, expanding your traveling borders.

You can continue the list of advantages. Nevertheless, the truth is: student traveling is enjoyable and useful. Meeting new people, making new friends, learning languages and gaining valuable experience can help you a lot in your life. Plus you can get new connections that are helpful for your professional life. This is freedom and unique opportunity to live adult life. Just pick the country. You shouldn’t go far! Just go to somewhere, where you can mix summer attractions with priceless experience. Take your time while you are young! Share your experience here!