Rain Suits: Tips on Looking for the Right Details

Rain suits are a real-life saver when the sky opens up. So many times we venture outside for a cruise with sunny skies and wind up in a downpour within a couple of hours. The key is to find a utilitarian rain suit that you can just leave in your bike so that you are always prepared.

When looking at a rain suit it’s important to take into account the environment you will be using it in. We all wish to be riding our bikes in warm weather. The truth is that we will not always have our ideal. When choosing a suit keep in mind things like the ambient temperatures and wind chill possible in your region.

This translates into buying a lawsuit which will protect you from more than the regenanzug. Hypothermia is a real concern once we get moist and therefore are vulnerable to chilly temperatures and wind. The consequences of hypothermia can radically affect how your body can function. This can very quickly become a life threatening situation when riding a bicycle.

It’s fairly common for your body’s ability to be radically diminished with the early affects of hypothermia. Your brain starts to institute measures such as shaking and shivering so as to create some inner body heat. These types of activities may be life saving if you’re in a secure environment, but when these things start happening when you are moving down the street at 60 MPH. On a bicycle than it may lead to tragedy in a rush.

A suit has to be able to supply you with a comfy warm, dry environment which allows you to continue riding without mishap. Should you buy an insulated all weather suit that can offer both cold and wet protection, or in case you buy a light waterproof suit that only keeps you dry.

This decision depends on the worst possible situation you could experience when riding. If you are riding in a hot environment than odds are you can get away with a watertight suit. If, on the other hand you are riding in an environment that may potentially turn cold in addition to moist, than you need to consider keeping warm also.