Best Car Valeting Tips for Minicabs and Chauffeurs

A clean car is the sign of a responsible driver. It also demonstrates that one is ready to go the additional mile in providing exceptional service for one’s customers.

Car valeting will keep your car looking as good as it did on the day you brought it out of the showroom. Here is how to properly valet your car:

Invest in automobile cleaning products. This is not wise, as home cleaning products may damage the interior and exterior of the car.

Always use cleaning shampoos, The Best Car Interior Protectant for you , and polishers that are created specifically for automobiles. Be specific, too, about using good quality wheel and glass cleaners.

Don’t inadvertently scrape the paint. When washing your vehicle’s body, do not to use tough sponges or fabrics that could scrape the paint. Use a wool wash mitt instead.
Afterward, when you wash your car, use a piece of soft clean microfiber cloth. Dry the car with little circular motions, rather than wiping down and up, to avoid water streaks.

Always clean the car off from direct sunlight. Water has a tendency to leave residue when it dries, so you don’t want your vehicle to dry naturally; you want to wipe off the water, to avoid those streaks.
You’re far likelier to be able to do so if you don’t clean your vehicle under the sun. Actually, it’s best if you clean your car before or after the hottest and sunniest portion of this day.

Give the car’s body a protective coating. Once the car has been cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, apply a product which protects the car’s paint. These products are available in hardware stores or petrol stations, and they do much in maintaining the color of your automobile bright and looking like new.

Upholstery foam cleansers are a motorist’s best-kept car valeting secret. These can be used to wash any spillage from the automobiles. They could remove dirt once you change a bicycle, recondition the dash, and also clean bird droppings from the windshield. Upholstery foam cleaners may also be utilized when someone suddenly experiences motion sickness inside your car; the foam cleaner can mask the odor and will also help prevent the spread of contamination.

Get the ideal kind of mats. To prevent wear and tear on the car’s carpets, buy mats that fit the season: cloth mats for summer and rubber mats for the winter.

Vacuum. To maintain the automobile upholstery free of dust mites, a motorist should regularly vacuum the chairs. To prevent scratching leather seats, use the soft brush using a vacuum cleaner rather than the challenging nozzle usually used for homes.

Ventilation is always tricky in a space as small and confined as a car. To clean car vents, open them completely while holding a vacuum cleaner . This will get rid of the dust inside the vents. A paint brush or a little feather duster could possibly be used to complete off dusting the vents. This will end up being an important thing if you get passengers that are sensitive to dust and other allergens.