5 Frequently Asked Questions About Water Dispensers

These are a few of the questions we frequently hear when people are interested in using a water dispenser singapore provided by our firm. I thought I’d discuss these since They’re the questions you need to be asking of a provider if you are looking to purchase a cooler for your Workplace

FAQ 1. I’m confused about the monetary advantages. Is it better to buy or lease a Dispenser for my enterprise?

A. Renting is your best option since there’s no benefit to owning the equipment. Usually this includes the installation cost, sanitisation service and repairs because of breakdown of component parts. This implies prices are very predictable and there’s no need to budget for any equipment (with the exception of plastic cups or paper cones, should you want them) There are some additional benefits including cashflow (no cash tied up in gear ), upgrades to new equipment (by simply swapping out since you renew or expand your agreement), and replacement of the equipment during the life of the arrangement if it breaks . However, in the event that you still need to own it we’d be delighted to suggest a few prices.

I’m not positive whether our water source will get to the area we want a Dispenser.

A. Normally an installation team will visit the location in which you desire a Water Dispenser installing. They will search for ease of accessibility to power and water and also make some recommendations about siting the Dispenser for convenience and for aesthetic appeal. When the installation team have this info they could carry out the installation and testing process, generally in about half an hour, maintaining any disruption to an absolute minimum.

FAQ 3. I don’t enjoy the taste of tap water. What exactly does the water out of among your Dispensers taste like?

A. The water at a Mains-Fed Dispenser passes through a filtration system. This was made to eliminate the unpleasant tastes of heavily chlorinated water from several water utility companies. In blind taste tests most men and women find it impossible to tell the difference between mineral water and from a tap that has passed via a dispenser.

We’ve got employees who like a cup of tea or instant coffee during a break. Can a Water Dispenser provide hot water?

A. You can get Dispensers that may provide chilled, room temperature and water warm enough to get a boil up. On the other hand, the amount of hot water which can be delivered is just enough for one cup at a time. If you have a range of people all needing hot drinks at the same time we’d recommend a committed Hot Water Dispenser. These are capable of holding a larger reservoir of warm water for bigger groups of people taking the same remainder break.

What are the dangers with Water Dispensers?

A. This depends mainly on the kind of Dispenser. Bottled fed systems are still quite common. The risks they take are:

The bottles are heavy (20Kg or longer ) and can lead to injury to anybody lifting and carrying them at the workplace.
If water has been stored in bottles for quite a while (and few carry a”Born on” date) it can experience algae growth, so there’s a potential health risk.

Bottles are recycled and there is absolutely no way of knowing where the water came from in the bottle your provider delivers. Unscrupulous providers will frequently refill out of a tap and can be careless with hygiene procedures.
Spring water components do not have to be certified on a regular basis and don’t undergo the same rigorous tests as tap water.

Mains-Fed tops prevent these issues. All you really need to do is keep the area around the faucet clean. The interior of the machine is protected and also a sanitisation procedure which takes care of this within a scheduled maintenance visit. In my opinion, if you are currently using a Bottled Water Dispenser you have to be moving into a mains-fed one. They prevent Health and Safety hazards, are cheaper to run and have massive positive impact on the surroundings.