10 Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

There are tons of historical buildings as well as modern-day skyscrapers that litter the Malaysian skyline. It’s almost impossible for one to visit them all at once especially for those who don’t have a car. If you have kids, using a Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur could be a lifesaver. From the Petronas Twin Towers to the famous Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

In this article, we will be looking at the 10 Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

1. Menara KL Tower

This high broadcasting tower is located in the city of Kuala Lumpur with one of the largest observation deck known in the city which gives it a bird’s eye view of everything happening around. The tower is located on the top of the Pineapple Hill and it is also known as the tower that houses the highest McDonald’s outlet in the world.

2. Petronas Twin Tower

These twin towers are a beauty to behold. Known as the headquarters of the national petroleum company of Malaysia – Petronas, this 88 stories high architectural masterclass has been visited by billions of people from every corner of the world. In order to cross from one tower to another, you need to get to the 41st or the 42nd floor of the first and second towers respectively, where you will be able to pass through to the next building with the aid of a skybridge.

3. SkyTrex Adventure

indulging in a SkyTrex Adventure is a great way to pump your body full of the adrenaline rush. This tree to tree ‘sky-trekking’ activity is starting to pick up pace as the newest sport in Malaysia. It involves trekking from tree to tree where your body is allowed to swing, dangle and glide over various aerial obstacles. You’ll definitely love it when you visit.

4. Chinatown

There is no place like Chinatown.  This particular town never sleeps and it’s always filled with activities. it’s known as the ‘Bargain Hunter’s Paradise’ known for the ability of the vendors to strike a good deal with customers. it’s a shoppers dream especially at night where you can find virtually anything there.

5. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

If you’re touring Kuala Lumpur with kids, you need to take them to the park where they can participate in water rides, twirling and whirling on the river islands with their friends. Built on 80-acre land, the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park holds the record for the largest man-made surf beach. There is an activity for everyone. With a variety of zones ranging from the water park, Scream Park, Amusement park and the Wildlife Park; your child will almost certainly not want to leave when he gets a taste of the excitement.

6. Aquaria KLCC

The world’s largest aquarium is in Kuala Lumpur and it currently holds over 5000 freshwater and marine creatures from the lethal sea snakes, giant groupers to the sea horses. it’s one of the country’s most impressive attractions and it definitely involves a lot of depth and complexity that would boggle the mind at times.

7. Batu Caves

The Batu Caves got its name from the Batu River which flows past the hill in Gombak, Selangor. Batu Caves is deeply entrenched in the Malaysian history. It’s dedicated to Lord Murugan and was formerly used by Temuan people. The limestone in the cave is rumored to be 400 years old and there are 3 major caves inside the Temple with different names and mystical meanings. If you have a strong desire to see Hindu paintings and statues while visiting Kuala Lumpur, you might want to check out this cave and the temple within.

8. Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Built towards the east of Merdeka Square, this architectural masterpiece was built in 1897 in honor of the Sultan of Selangor by AC Normal. This building currently serves as the home to the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Culture of Malaysia as well as a historical place for tourist. Located at Jalan Tun Perak, Sultan Abdul Samad Building is also used to host the Independence Day parade.

9. Central Market

Kuala Lumpur is a city beaming with arts and culture. Central Market is the #1 place to experience that rich culture and arts of the Malaysian people. Built in 1888 by Yup Ah Loy, this building was acquired by Kha Seng Group which converted it into the tourist attraction for the nation’s art and culture. For most tourists, this is where they shop for antiques, crafts and other handmade items that can be taken back to their countries as souvenirs. The market is also used by emerging artists to display their works of arts to various customers from different parts of the world. If you’re hungry and are looking forward to trying out the tasty Malaysian Cuisine, this is a great opportunity for you as there are lots of food stalls anxious to sell meals to you at cheap prices.

10. KL Bird Park

Interested in bird hunting, you can wake up as early as possible to go bird hunting in the park. The best part is that it is quite close to the city centre, so you can get a taxi or go for a car rental Kuala Lumpur to drive you down and bring you back to your hotel